Books on: Cognitive Therapy

Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective
by Aaron T. Beck, Ruth L. Greenberg, Gary Emery

Beyond Diagnosis: Case Formulation Approaches in CBT
by Michael Bruch (Editor), Frank W. Bond (Editor),

Bipolar Disorder : A Cognitive Therapy Approach
by Cory Frank Newman, Robert L., Ph.D. Leahy, Aaron T. Beck, Noreem Reilly-Harrington

Brief Cognitive Hypnosis: Facilitating the Change of Dysfunctional Behavior
by Jordan I. Zarren, Bruce N. Eimer

Choosing to Live: How to Defeat Suicide Through Cognitive Therapy
by Thomas E. Ellis, Cory F. Newman

Clinical Advances in Cognitive Psychotherapy: Theory and Application
by Robert L. Leahy, E. Thomas Dowd (Editors)

Clinician’s Guide to Mind over Mood
by Christine A. Padesky, Dennis Greensberger

Cognitive Behavior Therapy of DSM-IV Personality Disorders: Highly Effective Interventions for the Most Common Personality Disorders
by Len Sperry

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychiatric Problems: A Practical Guide (Oxford Medical Publications)
by Keith Hawton, Paul M. Salkovskis, Joan Kirk , David M. Clark (Editors)

Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Social Phobia
by Robert E. Becker, Richard G. Heimberg

Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Specific Problems and Populations
by John R. White, Arthur S. Freeman (Editors)

Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions: An Empirical Approach to Mental Health Problems
by Linda W. Craighead, W. Edward Craighead, Alan E. Kazdin, Michael J. Mahoney (Editors)

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies in Crisis Intervention, Second Edition
by Frank M. Dattilio, Arthur Freeman (Editors)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies for Trauma
by Victoria M. Follette, Josef I. Ruzek, Francis R. Abueg (Editor)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
by Monica Ramirez Basco, A. John Rush

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Medical Problems: A Guide to Assessment and Treatment in Practice
by Craig A. White

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy of Schizophrenia
by David G. Kingdon, Douglas Turkington, Aaron T. Beck

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
by Marsha M. Linehan

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Sexual Offenders (Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology)
by William L. Marshall, Dana Anderson, Yolanda Fernandez

Cognitive Case Conceptualization: A Guidebook for Practitioners (Lea Series in Personality and Clinical Psychology)
by Lawrence D. Needleman

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims: A Treatment Manual (Interpersonal Violence: The Practice, Vol 4)
by Patricia Resick, Monica Schnicke

Cognitive Therapy
by Judith S. Beck

Cognitive Therapy of An Avoidant Personality
by Aaron T. Beck

Cognitive Therapy with Children and Adolescents
by Mark A. Reinecke, Frank M. Dattilio, Arthur Freeman (Editors)

Cognitive Therapy for Depressed Adolescents
by T. C. R. Wilkes, Gayle Belsher, A. John Rush, Ellen Frank, Aaron T. Beck

Cognitive Therapy of Depression
by Aaron T. Beck, A.John Rush, Brian F. Shaw, Gary Emery

Cognitive Therapy and the Emotional Disorders
by Aaron T. Beck

Cognitive Therapy in Groups: Guidelines and Resources for Practice
by Michael L. Free

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders
by Aaron T. Beck, Arthur Freeman

Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders: A Schema-Focused Approach (Practitioner’s Resource Series)
by Jeffrey E. Young

Cognitive Therapy in Practice: A Case Formulation Approach
by Jacqueline B. Persons

Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse
by Aaron T. Beck, Fred D. Wright, Cory F. Newman, Bruce S. Liese

Comprehensive Casebook of Cognitive Therapy
by Arthur M. Freeman, Frank M. Dattilio

Counseling Single Parents : A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
by Margery A. Neely, Vera Sonja Maass

Dancing Through The Darkness: The Cognitive Treatment of Shame
by Clare E. Steffen, Clare E. Steffen

Enhancing Psychodynamic Therapy With Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques
by Terry Brumley Northcut, Nina Rovinelli Heller (Editors)

The Feeling Good Handbook
by David D. Burns

Frontiers of Cognitive Therapy
by Paul M. Salkovskis (Editor)

Group Therapy With Troubled Youth: A Cognitive-Behavioral Interactive Approach
by Sheldon D. Rose

A Guide to Rational Living
by Albert Ellis

Handbook of Cognitive Therapy Techniques
by Rian E. McMullin

The Integrative Power of Cognitive Therapy
by Brad A. Alford, Aaron T. Beck

Interviewing Strategies for Helpers: Fundamental Skills and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
by Sherry Cormier, Louise Sherilyn Cormier, William Henry Cormier

Love Is Never Enough: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstandings, Resolve Conflicts, and Solve Relationship Problems Through Cognitive Therapy
by Aaron T. Beck

Managing Social Anxiety: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach
by Debra A. Hope, Richard G. Heimberg, Harlan R. Juster, Cynthia L. Turk

Mind Over Mood
by Dennis Greenberger, Christine A. Padesky

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A New Approach to Preventing Relapse
by Zindel V. Segal, J. Mark G. Williams, John D. Teasdale

The New Handbook of Cognitive Therapy Techniques
by Rian E. McMullin

Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa : A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
by Chris Freeman

Overcoming Depression: A Step-By-Step Approach to Gaining Control over Depression
by Paul Gilbert

Overcoming Resistance in Cognitive Therapy
by Robert L. Leahy

The Practice of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy
by Richard Stern, Lynne M. Drummond

Prisoners of Hate: The Cognitive Basis of Anger, Hostility, and Violence
by Aaron T. Beck

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: A Therapist’s Guide (Practical Therapist Series)
by Albert Ellis, Catharine MacLaren

Skills Training Manual for Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Depression: Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy
by James P., Jr. McCullough

Thoughts & Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life
by Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning

Widening the Scope of Cognitive Therapy : The Therapeutic Relationship, Emotion, and the Process of Change
by Jeremy D. Safran

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Overcoming Regrets, Mistakes, and Missed Opportunities
by Arthur Freeman, Rose Dewolf