How to Use CBD Oil for Depression

How to Use CBD for Depression

Depression can negatively impact your overall mental and physical health. If not prevented, it can open doors to alcohol addiction, drug use, and even worse, suicide.

Besides using medication or opting for therapy, we highly recommend CBD oil as a great alternative to treat depression. So what’s the deal with this “CBD oil” we are talking about anyway? And how to use CBD oil for depression?

Read on to know everything about this.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabinoids (CBD) is a compound that naturally occurs in the Cannabis plant. There was little evidence about the healing properties of CBD.

Although some research says that it can help relieve pain, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, reduce skin problems such as acne, and help treat anxiety and depression. 

CBD Oil: A Cure for Depression?

Normally, a doctor will prescribe anti-depressant drugs as a way to treat depression. However, an ample number of these drugs show side effects such as mood swings, insomnia, uneasiness, and sexual dysfunction.

Instead of reducing the effects of depression, it seems like it only makes it worse the more you use it. CBD oil, on the other hand, shows lesser side effects and is more effective when it comes to treating anxiety and depression based on a study

Research conducted in 2018 shows that CBD oil is indeed an effective antidepressant that helps ward off or lessen depression and anxiety.

Aside from treating such mental illnesses, CBD oil has made its way to different products such as shampoo, medicines, facial cleansers, and the like because of the benefits it carries that we mentioned earlier.

Using CBD Oil to Treat Depression

There are various ways you can use CBD oil to treat depression. You can take it as a medication, or mix it with food by adding it as an ingredient. Chewable CBD oil is also becoming a thing too if in the form of CBD gummies.

CBD works by increasing the serotonin level of our body. Low serotonin levels mean you’ll experience more negative thoughts, unproductivity, low energy, unable to accomplish tasks, and most of all, depression.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil

We mentioned earlier that CBD oil has its own disadvantages too. These disadvantages are:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

It is also said that CBD oil can negatively impact your liver. Studies show that 10% of people that are taking CBD oil have increased liver enzymes. The higher these enzymes are, the more you put yourself at risk for liver damage.

You should not also mix CBD oil with other antidepressant drugs if you have taken one. When you take CBD oil as a kind of medication along with other similar drugs, it’s time to take a visit to your doctor’s office and ask for a consultation.

Although CBD oil is indeed an effective alternative to help lessen the effects of depression, it still has its own share of negative health impact despite its good properties. And that’s why taking CBD oil in moderation is a must and shouldn’t be overused.